Integrated Payment Solutions

The Importance Behind an Integrated Payment Processing Solution

When you started your own business, maybe no one warned you how much time would be spent being your own accountant: creating proposals for clients, drafting invoices, chasing payments. This is all before you even begin looking at your books to determine profit margins and business liquidity. From your customers’ point of view, a lengthy…

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Event Management: Staying on Budget with Accurate Staff-Forecasting

When it comes to putting on a successful event, the occasion itself is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the amount of planning that leads up to it. As your planning develops, it’s important to keep track of the usual expenses you encounter during the process, and also the expenses you know are…

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Effective SMS Marketing Strategies For Event Businesses

In the events industry, being accessible to your clients is essential. These days, it’s not difficult to stay connected. Between social media, websites, email and SMS, there are any number of ways that your clients can contact you. It is obvious, though, that most potential clients will prefer the convenience and speed of SMS texts.…

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Event And Venue Management Software Should Be Simple & Affordable

What if your clients enjoyed their business experience with you so much that they just couldn’t stop talking about you, your venue, and your company? Event and venue management software tools are about customer relationships at their core. These tools should ultimately improve your customer experience and simplify your operations. If you get the customer…

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Revleventful vs. Honeybook: A Competitive Analysis

Choosing event planning software for your business is a big decision. After all, it is going to be the cornerstone of how you operate your organization for years to come. Ultimately playing a large role in the growth of your business. As you weigh the software options available, our goal with the blog series is…

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What’s Needed to Run a Successful Catering Business?

There is more to running a successful catering business than making delicious food – though let’s be honest, that part definitely helps! When it comes to running your own business there are a lot of moving pieces to navigate and all too often we see entrepreneurs spending more time in the kitchen and less time…

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How To Run A Successful Event: Your Event Planning Checklist

When it comes to planning and running a successful event for your client, there are a lot of moving parts you will need to navigate. So, we’ve created a checklist we thought would be helpful.  5 Tips for Running a Successful Event 1. Make sure your proposals and contracts cover EVERYTHING! Nobody likes surprises, so…

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Releventful vs. Dubsado: A Competitive Analysis

If you’re in the market for event planning software, chances are, you are currently doing your homework and researching different companies and their respective platforms.  So, we’ve decided to compare our event planning platform to another popular company called Dubsado and their business management platform. Dubsado is a California-based company that offers a business management…

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