Event Inventory Management & How To Track It

Event Inventory Management & How To Track It

Tracking inventory effectively is the best way to set up every event to be a success. Whether you are the DJ, the caterer, or the event venue manager, your clients will expect you to be able to provide everything needed. In all of the chaos that comes on the day of the event, you need to know you have exactly what you need when you reach for it. By tracking your inventory, you can prevent frustrating moments from clouding the celebration when a microphone or prep-table is double-booked. Releventful’s Event Inventory Management platform was created to help industry processions forecast their needs, without Excel sheets and paper lists, but it all starts with visualization.

Visualize Your Inventory

If your inventory is not in one central location, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of all that you have. Let alone the fact that stock is constantly changing. With our full suite of inventory reports, you will know what’s available and what is not as you prepare for your events. Item updates synchronize across all reports within the platform, so any member of your team looking at inventory will see items in real time. As you are creating client invoices and listing the inventory you will need, Releventful automatically updates your digital stock room. Adjustments are quick and instantaneous, as well, so you never miss a beat.

Detailed Records

When you review your inventory, often you need to know more than just count. In Releventful, the entry for each item in your inventory can be customized with fields to contain the information you need. Record the model #, serial #, purchase price, depreciated value, and the link to where you can buy more when your inventory runs low. When that does happen, and unfortunately it does, Releventful has created a proprietary tagging system that links like items and will suggest a replacement you can use in a pinch!

Future Forecasting 

In your efforts to monitor inventory, you may notice there are some items that tend to run out more often, and others that you seem to always have more tucked away somewhere. Often there is a pace to dwindling inventory, and Releventful’s Future Forecasting uses your inventory reports to predict what your inventory will look like after a period of time without replenishment. Know what will be in your inventory 1 week, 2 weeks, or a month from now. Releventful’s powerful inventory reporting allows you to see into the future of your business so you can prepare for it.

Integrated Event Detail Reports 

Inventory reports are only useful if they are put to use. Releventful allows you to share reports with the employees you have scheduled for an event. They will be able to see exactly what is scheduled for the event to prevent any miscommunications or missed items. Paired with our Employee Scheduling Add-On, your employees will have all of their scheduling and prep information in one convenient place.

If you are struggling to maintain an inventory system of Excel spreadsheets and written lists,  book a demonstration with our team to learn about inventory management, employee scheduling, and how Releventful can streamline your efforts. Feel confident that your business is ready for each and every event.